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It's as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Decide which educational motivational reading assembly you want.
  2. Determine which travel zone you are in so that you can calculate how many schools in your area will be required to have us visit your facility. Note that you can easily tag along with other schools in your basic area by viewing our on-line calendar. You can also have us help you organize a tour of your area. And of course, with just a bit of luck, planning, or flexibility you will probably be like 93% of our clients and never pay any travel fees at all. To view the map of travel zones click HERE and simply close the window when you are done to return to this screen.
  3. Determine which date or block of dates you want. You can view our entire schedule (see the Blue "Calendar" tab slightly above and to the left), and find either a week when we will be in your general area OR find a week that works into your schedule. You also need to calculate how many shows you will need at each campus. Most schools need no more than one day. Smaller schools can get everyone in one or two performances and can thus get the entire school in before lunch, leaving the other half of the day for another nearby school (saving money as well!)

That's it! Once you have a show and know the date you want (it's a good idea to have an alternate just in case), then you're set. The next step is to place a no-risk hold on your reservation date.

If you are ready to book just drop us an email or pick up the phone and give us a ring. If you still need more information or more specific prices, click the "More about Booking" link where we have our prices, explain full-day vs. half-day, how travel fees are assessed or waived and what they cover, as well as how to calculate audience size and other frequently asked questions.

"Great customer service. You're so organized, I didn't have to do anything!"
-Jeanita Lovelace; Townewest Elem

"You always provide a great entertainer who motivates students as he educates them! He left the students captivated. The students, parents, and teachers all loved the program and left wanting more. You made scheduling easy and there was very little planning for me."
-Cora Cedeno; Patterson Elementary


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