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Here's what normally happens...
A person like you figures out what program they want. Depending on how the set up at the school is, we can break the students into groups as large as 150 kids if they are sitting on the same level as the presenter. Any more than this and the kids in the back feel that they can't see and it is a constant battle to keep them seated. No one gets as much out of the program in these situations. If a differentiated performance area can be provided (such as a stage, risers, or even tiered seating like an LGI, or bleachers) then Julian can handle as many as 500 students at a time.

Obviously smaller groups are better than larger groups, but we will work with what we have.

Often, when you call there will be a group of schools in your basic area with a single day open, where you can tag along.

We recommend that you send out an e-mail to the others in your district, region, or on your list serve and ask if anyone wants to group with you. We can also help facilitate tours and group bookings as we have extensive lists of satisfied past clients who would be more than willing to tag along with YOUR booking in order to save travel fees.

The fees for the presentations are $1,100 per full-day and $650 for a half-day for most of our programs. The Game Show is $1,500 for a full-day and $900 for a half-day.


Pricing for Schools

Game Show All Other Shows
Full-day  (3 to 5 presentations) $1,500 $1,100
Half-day (alone) (1 or 2 presentations) $900 $650
Half-day (sharing w/ another school) N/A $550
After School (1 presentation) N/A $300
Evening (1 presentation) $900 $300
Additional Presentation (of same show) $175 $175

As you can tell from the chart above, the full-day can be split between two schools at no additional charge (except for the Game Show). Thus you could have a presentation at one school in the morning and a different school in the afternoon. Each school would pay one half of the full-day fee ($550 ea.). This will allow each school either one or two programs. If Julian is at a single school for the entire day, he can present as many as 5 presentations in a day. Additional showings are available at $175 (schedule permitting).

After School Programs can be had for $300. These events are a single performance given after school dismisses but before 6 pm. Your choice of program may be limited by what program(s) were presented during the day. This option is also limited by where Julian will be during the day. An after school event can only be booked AFTER a full or half-day has been booked on that date in your basic area.

Evening Programs are a great way to promote book fairs, award programs, reward programs, PTA/PTO membership drives, and a guaranteed way to increase parent involvement. However, for maximum impact and effectiveness the program should be scheduled on the same day as a day time program. For schools more than a 90 minute drive from Houston the evening program MUST be on the same day as the day time program or scheduled on a day when we are performing at another local school.

Evening programs are $300 (due to the elaborate staging set up, The Game Show is $900). Your choice of program may be (but is not always) limited by what program(s) were presented during the day. The evening program will ALWAYS be different from what was presented at YOUR school during the day unless you specifically request otherwise.


Pricing for Public Libraries Themed Show
Single presentation (45-55 minutes) $300
Second presentation (same location, back-to-back) $150

Summer Library Programs All our programs are exciting, engaging, laugh-out-loud fun, and they always encourage the kids to READ! Summer library programs usually book up 12-18 months in advance. If you want a Wednesday morning, you may need to book two years in advance (no, I'm NOT kidding, check out our schedule again, if in doubt). The first presentation at a given location during the summer is $300, each additional program at the same location, same show, back-to-back is just $150. The good news is that public libraries in most of Texas do not pay mileage during the summer.

We also have programs for YA/Teens including magic workshops, puppetry workshops, and entrepreneur workshops.

For Your Convenience
  • Each school or library can be invoiced separately even if sharing a day
  • The schools do not need to be in the same district, even if they are sharing a day
  • We will mail and e-mail to our list of past clients and prospects to help you find other schools near you to help coordinate group bookings. If you want to be added to that list, even if you aren't sure about when or if you want to book something, let us know and we can keep you in the loop!

What About Mileage and Travel Expenses?

We've made travel and mileage so simple that you'll almost enjoy paying it! If that wasn't good enough news, you'll be happy to learn that 93% of our clients NEVER pay mileage or travel expenses! That's right. Our mileage and travel rates are grouped together and determined at a flat rate (much lower than you would pay on a per-mile basis plus per diem) and then we give you a very simple way to opt out of paying any mileage and travel expense at all.
For information about how our travel fees work, and to determine your mileage fee (if any) just click the link to our mileage chart.

Sound good? Ready to book? It's pretty easy. All you need is your program choice and your preferred date. Then call us toll-free or drop us an email to pencil a hold on your no-risk reservation. We'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm the date if it is available or to help you schedule another date.


"I can't say enough about the 'Julian Franklin Experience'. Very easy for librarians to work with."
-Jeanne Writt; Shadydale Elementary; After School Program Coordinator


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