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Most of your questions can be answered by reading through this web site, but I realize that sometimes you just need some quick answers. I hope this page provides that. For more detailed answers please tour the web site or feel free to contact us and ask.

How much for schools?
$1,100 for a full-day, $650 for a half-day. The Game Show is $1,500 for a full-day and $900 for a half-day. Full-days can be split at no additional charge saving even more money. After school and evening programs are available for $300 but can only be booked if we are in your area on the day of the evening show.

Due to the elaborate set up involved, the game show can not be split between two schools.

Pricing for Schools

Game Show All Other Shows
Full-day $1,500 $1,100
Half-day (alone) $900 $650
Half-day (sharing w/ another school) N/A $550
After School N/A $300
Evening $900 $300

How much for public libraries?

Public Libraries booking Summer Reading Club events pay $300 for the first program and $150 for a second presentation at the same location on the same date. These prices are good for programs for pre-readers, schoolers (PK-6), and YAs (yes, we have YA programs, too).

Pricing for Public Libraries Themed Show
Single presentation (45-55 minutes) $300
Second presentation (same location, back-to-back) $150

Mileage is charged as a flat rate based on which "zone" you are located in and mileage fees can be totally waived with enough consecutive full-day bookings. Public Libraries booking Summer Reading Club (Texas SRC) events have never been assessed mileage or travel fees, but don't be calling me from El Paso unless you are planning an entire week of work!

To see your travel zone click HERE.

What is "Full-Day" and "Half-Day"?
Full-Day starts as early as you want and ends when the school day ends. This can be divided however you want, but usually it consists of 3-5 programs. If you need a 6th program AND can work it into the schedule, it can be added for just $175. It is also possible to split the full-day between two or more schools with no additional charge, so that each school pays only a portion of a full-day fee. In other words, it is much cheaper to have two schools coordinate and split a full-day than for each of them to pay a half day fee. (Note that due to set up requirements the Game Show can NOT be split between two schools unless students are brought in to a single location)

Half-Day runs either from the start of the school day until lunch time, or from just after lunch until the end of the school day. This allows for 1 or 2 programs per half-day. If you need a third program during a half-day, AND it can be worked into the schedule it can be added for an extra $175.

How Many Different Programs Can You Do in a Visit?
There are two factors that limit us: How many shows Julian can fit in his truck and the length of time it takes to strike one set, reset another, and change costumes.

If you are planning a multi-day author visit it is quite possible and rather easy to have a different program for each day, with a limit of the number of educational assembly programs we can transport. This usually limits us to 2-3 different titles depending on which shows you want (some have larger props and stage sets than others).

If you want multiple school assembly programs during the same day realize that we will need at least an hour to strike one set, reset another, and change costumes. If you can plan a 90 minute lunch time for this to happen it shouldn't be a problem. If a full-day is split between two schools then this is pretty easy since the set will be broken down and reset anyway.

What Age/Grade Levels are the Programs Designed for?
PK-5th. There are very slight variations in the presentations if you break them out by grade level but not much at all. We have done programs for 6th graders at the beginning of the school year, but after Spring Break, they start to get "too cool" unless it is one of the programs we have written for older students.

We have other programs specifically designed for secondary students from 5th-12th grades, and you can split a day with a Middle School or High School just as easily as with another elementary school. For example, we could be at an elementary school in the morning and at a secondary campus in the afternoon doing a completely different program.

The Game Show is designed to be presented from third grade level all the way through the 12th grade level. The Game Show is a very popular show among the sometimes "difficult to please" crowd of middle school and high school students. If you work with secondary students we highly recommend the Game Show option.

Are Your Programs Better for Younger or Older Students?
The school assembly programs and SRC shows really have been designed by a team of professional educators with over 75 years of combined classroom teaching experience. It may seem impossible, particularly if you've had bad experiences in the past, to believe that one program can be just as entertaining to the older students as it is with the younger ones, or as educationally significant for the younger ones as it is for the older ones. But that is exactly what we offer.

I've had schools tell me "Since Julian uses puppets, we are going to let you present only to the younger children" and then I've been to others who said "Since your assembly programs are so educational we are going to let you present only to the older students." Without fail they later tell me "Well I think the whole school would have benefited from that program. We'll have to have you back!"

While we love to be invited back, it seems silly not to let everyone enjoy the program each time we visit, particularly since we don't charge by the number of programs we present, or by the number of students in attendance.

How Long are the Programs?
45-55 minutes. Personally Julian prefers the 55 minute versions since he is able to cover more material, but he can easily work within your scheduling needs.

The shows reset very quickly. Julian can be ready to go for another program before you can get one group of kids out and the next group in, but please plan for this time. If you schedule the start times 45 minutes apart (with no additional time for transitions), it actually means the programs will run about 30-35 minutes each. Usually 10-15 minutes is adequate time to change groups.

When is Payment Due?
This company was founded and continues to be run exclusively by former school teachers and librarians/Media Specialists. We are NOT prima donna performers who need the green M&Ms removed from our candy dish (Wait a minute! What candy dish?!). We like to get paid on the day of the performance, but we understand that processing paperwork through payroll can be time consuming and frustrating. We know you don't need an uptight performer whining about how he needs to be paid TODAY or his car will be repossessed.

YOU focus on getting approval and scheduling the program.

WE will focus on entertaining and educating your students.

We'll BOTH relax while your payroll department and our accounting department work out the money. Everyone has their job description and unless yours includes "process payroll checks" then you can relax when you work with us.

What about programs for Secondary Students?
"Work Smarter" (aka "Simple Machines") is written for up to 7th grade.
"Math-A-Magic" is designed for 5th - 12th.
"The Know Show" (aka "The Game Show") is written for 3rd - 12th grade.

We also have a brand new program for Drama, Business, Music, Choir, Vocational, and other select high school groups. Call and ask about this as it is a revolutionary idea that brings everything your high school students do together for a single, eye-opening program they will remember forever.

Splitting a full-day between a secondary campus and an elementary campus works the same way as between two elementary campuses.

What about Staff Development programs?

Yes, we have them. Contact us about details on these programs.

"I've seen your programs and LOVE them! I've read your blogs - LOVE them. I've been swept off my feet by the charm of Julian and his family - LOVE them!"
-Ricci Steber; Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary; Librarian

Ricci, Thanks for the nice things you say, and thanks for the idea for this page on our site! We love you too!


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